We want to thank all of you who attended our “Conversation with the Mayor” public forum on March 6 at the Hermitage Police Precinct. The audience was engaged as well with lots of questions. We were not able to get to all the questions during the session. The mayor’s office has provide us with answers to other written questions that were submitted.

Between Donelson YMCA and Stewarts Ferry Road, there are three subdivisions that enter/exit onto Lebanon Road. Can you lower the speed limit on Lebanon Road in this area?

I have entered this request into HUB Nashville. This is a great example of a concern to bring to the HUB – the request will go to the appropriate department and has a tracking number. I entered Tim’s email as the contact.

When will we start paying metro employees what they deserve?

Mayor Briley’s disappointment in last year’s budget was not being about to honor our commitment to give all Metro employees a cost-of-living adjustment (COLA). The budget he’ll submit to the Metro Council next month will include a 3 percent COLA for all Metro employees, effective July 1. He’ll also recommend funding step increases and open-range increases. These recommendations are the result of anticipated revenues and a lot of hard work by the Finance Department and other Metro departments to control expenses this fiscal year.

There is a lot of garbage on the roadside throughout Hermitage. What can we do to keep our roads and neighborhoods clean?

This is another example of a concern to enter into HUB Nashville – for areas where there is frequent dumping, please note the address and any markers into HUB Nashville.

Mayor Briley’s Spring Clean is coming up on May 4th and it’s a great opportunity to come together as a neighborhood and beautify your area. Public Works is lending materials and support to all neighborhoods that register for a clean-up. To learn more, reach out to Eben Cathey in the Office of Neighborhoods (

How do you plan on including everyone in the growth of the city?

Mayor Briley understands that everyone is not benefitting from the growth and prosperity that Nashville is experiencing. It is a top priority to ensure that Nashville is the “it” city for everyone – here are a few examples of actions the mayor is taking right now to make sure the prosperity is shared:

  • An investment of $750 million in local, federal, and private money to increase access to affordable housing
  • COLA increases of 3% for Metro employees
  • The Nashville GRAD program
Property tax freeze for the elderly?

Attached is a flyer with information about the property tax freeze. For those who received a freeze last year, they must still apply by April 5th to receive a freeze this year. CLICK HERE

The city claims tourism is at its highest level, but where is all the revenue?

This is a fair question and one that gets in the weeds a bit, but there are a few reasons why revenue was low last year despite high levels of growth.

  • We are making higher payments to service our debt. This keeps the health of our city’s finances, which have an A+ rating, going strong.
  • The state lowered the amount of money we get per MNPS student last year, which equaled losing $15 million dedicated dollars for public education.
  • Property tax appraisals did not lead to an increase in revenue. In fact, some property taxes were lowered.
  • The city anticipated receiving additional revenue for transit that was contingent on the transit referendum passing, but it failed.

As a city, we had to tighten our belts last year and live within our means. Without raising taxes, we didn’t have the revenue to give metro employees COLAs which is a serious. This year, in anticipation of a better revenue stream, the mayor is happy to recommend COLAs for metro employees and believes revenue will more appropriately mirror the growth our city is experiencing.  


It’s important we stay engaged. Keep in touch with us regarding the issues that concern you. Join us. Be a part of DHNA. Neighborhoods alone don’t have much of a voice. Together, we can have influence on our community.



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